Regional High School

Special Education Parent Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School SEPAC (LSSEPAC) is a positive and solution-oriented parent advisory council. We are a state-mandated PAC serving Boston, Lincoln, and Sudbury families in the district with disabilities ages 14-22 year old, or upon graduation, whichever comes first. Our mission is to work collaboratively with parents/guardians and school officials to ensure that students' needs under Massachusetts Special Education laws and regulations are being met. We also act as a resource for parents/guardians and the community to establish a better understanding of, respect for, and support of students with disabilities in the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School district.

Massachusetts Regulation 603 CMR 28.07(4): “Parent advisory participation. Each school district shall create a districtwide parent advisory council offering membership to all parents of eligible students and other interested parties. The parent advisory council duties shall include but not be limited to: advising the district on matters that pertain to the education and safety of students with disabilities; meeting regularly with school officials to participate in the planning, development, and evaluation of the school district’s special education programs. The parent advisory council shall establish by-laws regarding officers and operational procedures, and, in the course of its duties, the parent advisory council shall receive assistance from the district without charge, upon reasonable notice, and subject to the availability of staff and resources.” 

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Our Goal:

  • Advise the district, including the Director of Student Services and LSRHS School Committee, on operations and development of special education programs

  • Research and provide parent/guardian training needs. To date this has included workshops by the MA Department of Developmental Services and the Federation for Children with Special Needs.  

  • Facilitate communication between parents/guardians and LSRHS school officials   

  • Offer opportunities for parents/guardians, students, and the greater community to increase awareness of issues and best practices pertaining to students with disabilities, an

  • Provide occasions for parents of students with disabilities to network with each other and have fun  


Connect with Us

Who may want to connect with the LSSEPAC?

  • Parents who suspect their child may have some learning or behavioral challenges. Is he/she struggling in school? Does your child have attention issues? Is he/she socially awkward or isolated?

  • Parents with children on IEPs and 504s or parents just learning about the student services process who have questions or may need support from other parents

  • Parents and educators interested in receiving email notification on workshops, events, or legislative activity.

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